The Cinema Museum, London

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)/ The Intruder (1962) – double bill screening

Sun 10 Mar 2013 @ 14:30 · Events

Kirk and Spock against a background of the Starship EnterpriseWe’re delighted to launch our season of Star Trek double bills, pairing instalments of the major film franchise with individual projects featuring the show’s original seven leading actors.

Following the unprecedented success of Star Trek in syndication, 1979 saw the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Undoubtedly the most lavish and expensive of the original films, this almost art-house project polarises opinion but is undoubtedly a treat on the big screen.

William Shatner in car with Klu Klux KlanThe Intruder (1962) starring William Shatner is unique amongst director Roger Corman’s oeuvre in losing money!

An intense performance from Shatner as our anti-hero in this notable depiction of racist violence in a small Southern US town rounds off the first of our new sci-fi Sundays.

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