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Illuminated signs in a darkened cinema foyerLooking for other organisations of cinema interest? Let us provide you with some signposts. 

Below are brief articles about some interesting organisations, with links to their websites.

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Local eateries

August 2014 · Links · Featured Article

The Cinema Museum is pleased to recommend some of the excellent options for eating near the Museum. Click on the images for details of locations, opening hours and what’s on offer. The Lobster Pot Brasserie Toulouse-Lautrec The Courthouse Garden Cafe

Listings sites

June 2015 · Links

A list of sites that publicise the Museum's events.

Film International

October 2011 · Links

film international logo The prestigious journal Film International (initially Filmhäftet), launched in 1973, publishes six print issues per year, as well as a webzine which is regularly updated with exclusive material. It covers film culture as part of the broader culture, history and economy of society, addressing topics of contemporary relevance from historically informed perspectives, and it encourages the [...]

The Zizaniques

June 2011 · Links

Many visitors to our silent screenings have enjoyed pianist Cyrus Gabrysch’s evocative accompaniment. He is a member of up-and-coming band the Zizaniques: listen – and “like” – at their Facebook page!

Northern Landscapes Heritage Archive

June 2011 · Links

Sarah Macmillan is an individual film-maker and photographer specialising in documentaries, short films and events throughout North Yorkshire and the North-East of England. Working alone she researches, photographs, films, directs and produces her own original, unique style of heritage films.

Inside Film

January 2011 · Links

inside film Inside Film aims to provide as complete filmmaking knowledge as possible for people who would not usually have such an opportunity. In order to achieve this it runs a series of workshops outlining the theoretical framework of filmmaking before proceeding to provide the technical skills needed to produce a film.

South East London Film Clubs Network

January 2011 · Links

Visit this website for the activities and listings of a network of South East London film clubs & societies and community cinemas.


January 2011 · Links

The British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society (BKSTS) was founded in London, England in 1931 to serve the growing film industry. As well as meetings, presentations, seminars, international exhibitions and conferences, BKSTS also organizes an extensive programme of training courses, lectures, workshops and special events.