The Cinema Museum, London

Volunteering Project

September 2011 · Wellbeing

We would like to help people’s personal development. The Cinema Museum has the highest regard for the concept of volunteering; it enables the museum to function, it provides positive and free training, professional development and social experiences for people and it improves the wellbeing of all our stakeholders. We want to make the possibility of volunteering open to everyone and we have a formal quarterly volunteer recruitment process. Our volunteer process allocates people to specific teams that focus on the volunteer’s area of interest. We have places for standard volunteering, volunteering for those keen to move to paid work and volunteering for those with support needs. We are an award winning organisation in the excellence of volunteering.

How it Works

  • We have a standard volunteer package so people can contact us directly and register for the quarterly recruitment process
  • Contact us and tell us how you think we might work together – we send you a Volunteering Project briefing with an instruction sheet that allows you to tell us what you want
  • If you want to proceed you return the enclosed instruction sheet so we know what you want


If you are interested in this wellbeing support offering please contact If we think we can help we will send you the Volunteering Project pack.