The Cinema Museum, London

Memory Road Project

September 2011 · Wellbeing

We would like to help change the experience of old age. The Cinema Museum hosts decades of cinema memorabilia – the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of cinema. The power of the senses to reignite memories is powerful and the sharing of those memories is engaging and comforting for the elderly and enlightening for their family and carers. We also cherish the memories of people – their recollections of their time in the cinema and the stories that they have are verbal artefacts that we are keen to capture for future generations. We are keen to welcome older citizens to the museum for reminiscence days of tea, cake, object handling, story telling and screenings.

How it Works

  • Tell us about the group that you would like to bring, their needs and the project idea
  • We send you a Memory Road Project briefing with an instruction sheet that allows you to tell us what you want
  • If we accept your request we agree a screening plan and a date
  • We provide the space and the volunteers to run the screening side of the event, and we’ll help with the marketing
  • You take responsibility for providing the attendees, your own team and any required professional carers


If you are interested in this wellbeing support offering please contact with the following information:

  • Confirmation that your organisation is a charity or is working on the wellbeing agenda in Lambeth or Southwark
  • Outline of your needs
  • Details of any timelines, specific dates or deadlines

If we think we can help we will send you the Memory Road Project pack.