The Cinema Museum, London


The Shaw Society presents Farewell to the Theatre

February 2015 · News

The Shaw Society presents Farewell to the Theatre, a script-in-hand performance of Harley Granville-Barker’s last play produced and acted by Eileen Page and Hayward Morse.

Pictures of An Audience With Robin Askwith on Jan 31st

February 2015 · News

Misty Moon’s official photographer, John Gaffen, took these pictures at the An Audience With Robin Askwith event held at the Museum on Saturday January 31st.

Canada Water Culture Space hosts a screening of Drifters (1929)

January 2015 · News

Canada Water Culture Space is hosting a screening of Drifters (1929), with a live vocal soundtrack by Jason Singh on the 12th February at 19.30.

‘Speaking with Statues’ video series features the Museum link to Charlie Chaplin

January 2015 · News

Anthony MR Lewis goes to Leicester Place for an ‘exclusive interview’ with Charlie Chaplin.

Silent London blog praises Kennington Bioscope and the Museum

January 2015 · News

Kennington Bioscope logo

The Silent London blog has published an article in praise of the Kennington Bioscope (and of course its hosts, The Cinema Museum).

Pictures of the Kinima and Actors Rechoired events on Dec 6th 2014

January 2015 · News

Pictures from the Actors Rechoired go to the Movies! and the Kinima Presents: L.A. Confidential and Live Cine-Variety events held at the Museum on Saturday December 6th.

Robin Askwith drops in

January 2015 · News

Robin Askwith, star of over 35 films, who has worked with Pasolini and Lindsay Anderson, as well as starring in the Confessions of… series, dropped into the Museum recently to publicise his ‘sit down’ comedy show on Saturday January 31 at 20.00.

The Isle of Death crowdfunding campaign

December 2014 · News

The Isle of Death sees an artistic cross-collaboration between Italian filmmaker Alberto Bona and British silent film accompanist Costas Fotopoulos, who will create a modern silent film on legendary Russian musician Sergei Rachmaninoff.