The Cinema Museum, London


Dalton Nicholson Collection

April 2015 · News

The Cinema Museum is delighted and grateful to have received a substantial  donation from Tony Dalton and Tim Nicolson from their collection of material  relating to the history of films and filming, including beautiful portraits  of stars taken by the late Pinewood photographer George Courtney Ward.

Recent visitors to the Cinema Museum

April 2015 · News

Director/writer/producer Harley Cokeliss and the BBC One Show are recent visitors to the Museum.

Screening of Siliva the Zulu (1927) at Wilton’s Music Hall

April 2015 · News

Wilton’s Music Hall presents Siliva the Zulu (1927), part of ‘South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour’.

British Silent Comedy Legends at Wilton’s Music Hall

March 2015 · News

Wilton’s Music Hall and The Lucky Dog Picturehouse present a mix of rarely seen and popular silent films with live musical score.

The Cinema Museum hosts its second Wikipedia editathon

March 2015 · News

The Cinema Museum hosted its second Wikipedia editathon on Saturday the 7th of March.

Aimi Macdonald promotes her show

March 2015 · News

Aimi Macdonald, star of stage, television, radio and film, has recorded a promotional video for her show at the Cinema Museum on Thursday 7th May at 20.00.

Two cine-concerts at Ciné Lumière!

March 2015 · News

The Institut Français are happy to announce the third edition of It's All About Piano! (27-29 March at the Institut Français and Kings Place), including Pierre-Yves Plat who will improvising on two silent French classics, Les débuts de Max au cinéma (1910) and Fantômas, à l'ombre de la guillotine (1913).

The Shaw Society presents Farewell to the Theatre

February 2015 · News

The Shaw Society presents Farewell to the Theatre, a script-in-hand performance of Harley Granville-Barker’s last play produced and acted by Eileen Page and Hayward Morse.