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Cinema Theatre Association talk on Edinburgh and Aberdeen cinemas on Saturday 1 May

April 2021 · News

Portrait of Ronald Grant standing on the roof of the Playhouse Cinema, Aberdeen

Apprentice projectionist Ronald Grant on the roof of the Playhouse Cinema, 475-477 Union Street, Aberdeen. The Capitol Cinema is seen behind. Photogaph by Third Projectionist Dave Salter. c1953/4

The Cinema Theatre Association presents a two-part Zoom event on the subject of cinemas north of the border, including a talk on Aberdeen cinemas by Cinema Museum co-founder Ronald Grant on Saturday 1 May at 17.30 (UK time).

An Edinburgh Cinema with a Difference by Peter Kendrick
Is this Edinburgh’s secret cinema? Enthusiasts not only enjoy visiting the cinema to see films they also make and show films in their own cinema built for the purpose. Edinburgh has attracted many amateur film makers, all of whom now work digitally rather than with film. The Edinburgh Ciné and Video Society (ECVS) is well established with its roots dating back to 1936, still flourishing with a keen and active membership. They are also proud of the major refurbishment of their premises when the Queen Mother attended to unveil a plaque marking the occasion.
Peter Kendrick is a member of both the CTA and the ECVS (above) and tells the interesting story of this film makers’ society, of how they evolved, make films and how they made the transition from ciné to video whilst some members ‘rebelled’ at the very suggestion! Peter’s presentation is illustrated with photographs and film clips.

Memories of Aberdeen Cinemas by Ronald Grant
The CTA is pleased to welcome the curator and co-founder of the Cinema Museum in London to recall his interesting career, when in the 1950s, he worked as a projectionist in the Donald family-run circuit of cinemas and other entertainments, where they owned and operated most of the cinemas in Aberdeen. His experience covered working in several of the cinemas, now vanished. The talk will be illustrated with photographs and rare film clips from his personal collection.
It was whilst Ronald worked in Aberdeen – and by a chance meeting in the street with a donor – that Ronald started collecting cinema apparatus and artefacts. In conjunction with Martin Humphries (co-founder), as their collection expanded it led to establishing the Cinema Museum in which to display them.

The talks will be followed by a quiz of UK cinema photographs and CTA members’ open chat session.

Book online at TicketSource – £3. Booking for this event can only be done on-line.