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Shepperton Studios – A Personal View by Derek Threadgall

August 2020 · News

Derek Threadgall’s new book Shepperton Studios – a Personal View lifts the lid on a traditional British independent film studio operating before CGI, Video Assist and other film making technology.

Derek Threadgall worked in management at the studio from 1960 – 65. He presents an insider view of movie making at Britain’s major independent studio, from its beginnings in 1932 and described by Threadgall as a ‘seat of the pants’ studio, the preferred method of getting things done.

Hollywood came to Shepperton following the Senator McCarthy anti-communist so-called ‘witch-hunts’ in America, leading to the blacklisting of artists including Carl Foreman, Joe Losey, Hal Wallis and others who then abandoned Hollywood and brought Hollywood A-list actors with them to Shepperton.

In 1972, Threadgall returned to Shepperton Studios to run the successful sixteen months campaign to prevent the studio being demolished by City ‘asset strippers’ of the day.

Signed copies of this book can be purchased from the author at £9.50 (including post and packing for UK postcodes). Cheques made payable to D.Threadgall and sent to: 10, Robjohns Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3AF. Email: