The Cinema Museum, London

Sponsored Screening Project

September 2011 · Wellbeing

We would like to help you raise awareness of issues and raise money to support solutions. The Cinema Museum believes in a knowledgeable and responsible society that shares its problems and works together to find solutions. We are very keen to help people explore issues of social importance and to help them raise money for charities that aim to deal with those issues. Please contact us if your organisation would like to work with us to create screening events that address issues around: human wellbeing, animal welfare, the environment, diversity, terminal illness and serious health conditions, civic planning, access to the law, housing, education or any other issues that affect local people.

How it Works

  • You explain the issue you want to raise awareness about/money for and tell is about the related film that you want to screen
  • We’ll send you a Sponsored Screening Project briefing with an instruction sheet that allows you to tell us what you want
  • If you want to proceed you return the enclosed instruction sheet so we know what you want
  • If we can help we will then plan how to work together to implement your instructions
  • If we accept your request we agree a screening plan and a date; we provide the space and the volunteers to run the screening side of the event, and we’ll help with the marketing. You take responsibility for providing the attendees, your own team and any necessary professionals


If you are interested in this wellbeing support offering please contact with the following information:

  • Confirmation that your organisation is a charity or is working on the wellbeing agenda in Lambeth or Southwark
  • Outline of your needs
  • Details of any timelines, specific dates or deadlines

If we think we can help we will send you a Sponsored Screening Project Pack.