The Cinema Museum, London

The Nickel presents The Reckoning (1970) on 16mm film

Wed 7 Aug 2024 · Events

The ReckoningAs part of its season of road movies, The Nickel presents the rarely seen British thriller The Reckoning (1970) on a glorious IB Tech 16mm print.

Two years before Get Carter, The Reckoning sees a successful London-based businessman (Nicol Williamson) hit the north to his hometown of Liverpool in order to exact revenge on some teddy boys who assaulted his father. If American road movies are about the infinite expanse of the great frontier, The Reckoning depicts its antithesis – a starkly divided island where you can’t drive a day before you start coming back to yourself.

IB Tech 16mm presentation. Watch the season trailer:

Doors open at 18.30, for a 19.30 start. Seating is unallocated.

Refreshments will be available in our licensed cafe/bar.


Tickets: £8.
Advance tickets may be purchased from Ticketlab, or direct from the Museum by calling 020 7840 2200 in office hours.
The Reckoning