The Cinema Museum, London

Screening of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962), with a new original score performed live-to-picture by composer Jason Frederick

Sat 7 Sep 2024 @ 19:30 · Events

The Brain That Wouldn't Die posterAn evening of classic atomic age horror.

The Classic Horror Experience presents the 1962 cult favourite The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, now with a new original score performed live-to-picture by composer Jason Frederick, as well as an opening short film and introduction to the era.

Independently produced in 1959 and released 3 years later, the film has developed a legendary cult status in the decades since.

It has received famously poor reviews from critics and been the subject of an episode of MST3K, but also features in The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Attack Of The B Movies! 50 of the best Schlocky Titles of all time’ and made writer-director Paul Schrader’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ list.

It stands as a vintage example of low budget B-Movie sci-fi horror with ‘so many outlandish, peculiar, grotesque, and incongruous moments that it becomes downright surreal’, according to TV Guide. Watch the trailer here.

Not to be missed!

Jason Frederick’s film and television credits include Disney’s 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch’s London Adventure, Top Gear USA and the recently updated classic documentary Bela Lugosi:The Forgotten King, amongst many others.

Doors open at 18.30, for a 19.30 start.

Refreshments will be available in our licensed cafe/bar.


Tickets £10.

Advance tickets may be purchased from Ticketlab, or direct from the Museum by calling 020 7840 2200 in office hours.
The Brain That Wouldn't Die