The Cinema Museum, London

Some new kind of kick presents The Loveless (1981)

Sat 27 Jan 2024 @ 19:30 · Events

The LovelessSome new kind of kick – celluloid rock n roll trash on a Saturday night.

Man, I was what you call ragged. I mean way beyond torn up, I weren’t going to be no man’s friend today. Been out of storage for about a year now, and to me this endless blacktop is my sweet eternity. I knew I was going to Hell in a breadbasket.

So, well then there now… this jaded voice over is the first purple poetic prose of The Loveless’s pitch perfect patter. Eddie Dixon is Relentless, Willem Defoe is the sneering leather bad boy who in these opening moments obviously likes riding bikes and is really rather good at it. I’ve always been baffled that almost none of the biker movies acknowledge the joy of motorcycling but here Katherine Bigalow and Monty Montgomery get it right up there in the opening moments. I feel about that jaded monologue the way that Dylan Moran describes pain au chocolat, “any country that eats chocolate bread for breakfast will be sleeping with their best friend’s wife by lunch time whilst disparaging last night’s painting”. Whatever is to follow will leave no-one covered in glory.

Life is short
filled with stuff
don’t know what for
ain’t had enough

Doors open at 18.30, for a 19.30 start.

Refreshments will be available in our licensed cafe/bar.


Tickets £8.

Advance tickets may be purchased from Ticketlab, or direct from the Museum by calling 020 7840 2200 in office hours.
The Loveless