The Cinema Museum, London

LibraryTalk: June Whitfield and ‘Women’s Lib’

November 2022 · News

June Whitfield A celebration of the much-loved and gifted comic talent who graced our screens for over five decades, held on Monday 14 November 2022 18:30 at the BFI Reuben Library.

One of British comedy’s greatest stars, June Whitfield (1925-2018) had a career that spanned theatre, radio, film and television. She has often been associated with her characters, such as June Medford, the epitome of conservative suburban Englishness. Drawing on material from her personal archive at the V&A, this talk discusses June Whitfield’s work in relation to second wave feminism, proposing that while Whitfield was not a ‘women’s libber’, her remarkable career addresses questions of liberation and gender politics. Dr Rosie White (Northumbria University) is the author of Television Comedy and Femininity: Queering Gender.

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