The Cinema Museum, London

Kennington Bioscope premiers Julia Vogl’s Still Dot Moving

October 2021 · News

International artist Julia Vogl best known for her bold experimentation with colours and shapes will open the Kennington Bioscope comeback show on October 27 by present her latest ground breaking work, comprising screen printing directly onto 35mm film. Inspired by the work of the New Zealand artist and filmmaker Len Lye she has produced a unique work of abstract visuals.

Discussing her practice and this new artwork Julia says: “Screen printing is a meditation. It takes great calculation, order, patience and once the preparation is set, the rhythm of printing begins. Colour and registration can all be altered or thrown up in the air last minute allowing for unpredictable magic. Still Dot Moving is a result of both technical research and personal drive to push the medium into a new thrilling realm.”