The Cinema Museum, London

Climate Crisis Film Festival The Deptford Cinema 28th November – 1st December

November 2019 · News

Climate Crisis Film Festival poster The Climate Crisis Film Festival brings together some of the best documentaries on the subject, set over four thematic days, featuring 12 films interspersed with guest speakers.

The themes over the four days unpack this multi-faceted subject from different perspectives – global to local, economic to ethical, holistic and specific. In the end, we learn how the empowerment of knowledge coupled with the will to act collectively, can be a catalyst for rapid change.

The festival will take place at The Deptford Cinema, an award-winning not-for-profit community project run by volunteers. Renowned for its intimate setting, well-curated program and community feel, the cinema stays accessible to the whole community by charging around half the price of most London cinemas.

More details and booking information on their website.