The Cinema Museum, London

Update on the fate of the Cinema Museum

December 2017 · Campaign

Our landlords (South London and Maudesley NHS Trust) will be making their decision as to who they will sell the site to on Monday at noon. Tomorrow! The Museum is doing everything it can to ensure our future on this site – but public support is vital in making that case – we have between now and Monday morning to get our online petition as high as we can and to draw decision-makers attention to the number of supporters we have. At present the petition has soared to 18,200 – which is great news – but every signature still counts. If you have not done so already please can you sign and share our online petition to save your one and only Cinema Museum. This is on our website and is also linked in a previous FB posting. If you want to do more to help, you are urgently invited to support our ‘Value Bid’ by writing to our director Martin Humphries, at the Cinema Museum, expressing how you feel about the museum. Information about what to include in your support email can be found in the attached PDF. Thank You!!!