The Cinema Museum, London

Strange Factories: A Live Cinema Encounter

Sat 26 Oct - Sat 9 Nov 2013 (except 3 & 4 Nov) - 19:00 · Events

This Hallowe’en the doors open and the veil falls, allowing the mysterious and the magical to enter our world.

A writer, possessed by a terrifying story journeys into unknown and dreamlike places, haunted by the infamous Hum emitted from a strange factory.

FoolishPeople and The Cinema Museum invite you to enter into the heart of English Dreaming and engage in a live cinema encounter like no other, in the theatrical premiere of the feature film Strange Factories. Experience the madness and terror of haunted cinema, as you witness the film unravel inside Stronheim’s factory and its characters come to life around you.

The ghosts of the silver screen will join you in a mysterious ritual that will align you with the ancient paths of Die Geisteweige and immerse you in a film filled with magic, obsession and mystery. Who is the infamous Stronheim? What exactly is the purpose of his hidden factory? And why have four performers fleeing from a burning theatre become enmeshed in the primal struggle of a story giving birth to itself?

Written and directed by John Harrigan, Strange Factories draws on ancient theatrical traditions and mystical exploration, to wrench at the heart of what it means to be human.

Will you allow it to show you the wonder behind the moving pictures – the dreams of violent imagination? Will you permit FoolishPeople to conjure for you, as darkness falls, and the lights go down?

Not everyone can survive the violence of Creation.

“The Cinema Museum is thrilled to be working in partnership with FoolishPeople on the production of Strange Factories and looking forward to the transformation of our exhibition spaces into something new and memorable.” Martin Humphries, The Cinema Museum

Tickets & Pricing

£28 (£25 concessions). Tickets will be available to purchase in advance through WeGotTickets, with the option to buy VIP tickets with digital download.

Pre-order Strange Factories today via VHX, to be one of the first to witness its digital release on the eve of our first theatrical screening on 26 October.

Visit StrangeFactories/or email  for more information. 

FoolishPeople actively engage audiences through immersive theatre, live cinema, ritual and independent film. Spectators must choose their own journey without guidance, which challenges their habitual way of watching art and entertainment in a passive manner. FoolishPeople have been commissioned by the BBC, ICA and Secret Cinema, and have produced work for conventional theatres, galleries and site-specific venues.