The Cinema Museum, London

Micro/Macro: The World Inside/Out FULLY BOOKED – RETURNS ONLY

Wed 26 Sep 2012 @ 19:45 · Events

The Cinema Museum presents a stunning selection of films and video art on the exploration of the unknown at both a microscopic and macroscopic level.

Following up NASA’s Curiosity landing on Mars in early August, this programme of moving image will bring you into the inner world of science and the vastness of outer space. Covering a period over 100 years, it traces a fascinating path from early microcinematography to Soviet footage of solar storms by A. Peleshian, and his rarely seen Our Century.

Footage and works showing the magnitude of the ‘Micro’ and the ‘Macro’ are here opposed, claiming that distance and closeness are one and the same, and that their contrast becomes a symbol of awestruck wonder.

images of tiny organisms magnifiedPROGRAMME

  • Hidden Beauties of Nature: Pond Life (E.J. Spitta, 1908, 7 mins) Digibeta transferred to DVD
  • Secrets of Nature – Magic Myxies (F. Percy Smith, Mary Field, 1931, 11 mins) Digibeta transferred to DVD
  • Powers of Ten (Charles and Ray Eames, 1968, 9 mins) DVD
  • Metazoa (Lane Hall, Lisa Moline, 2008, 3 mins) NTSC QuickTime
  • I ♥ Neutrinos: You Can’t See Them but They are Everywhere (Jennifer West, 2011, 37 secs) Roll of Specialised Film for Scientific Use transferred to Hi Definition video
  • Our Century (1982, 47 mins) 35mm

The programme is curated by Giulia Saccogna. With introductions by Tim Boon, Head of Research at Science Museum, Gareth Evans, Adjunct Film Curator at Whitechapel Gallery, and James Norton, Writer and Television Producer/Director.

Doors open at 18.45. The event starts at 19.45 and is expected to end at 21.45. Drinks will be offered prior to the screening.



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