The Cinema Museum, London

Those Surprising Silents: Kevin Brownlow

Thu 14 Apr 2011 @ 19:30 · Events

Still from black and white film showing an alarmed woman looking through broken glass

Edith Jehanne in Le Joueur d'Echecs (The Chess Player) (1923)

Recipient of an honorary Oscar in 2010, renowned film historian Kevin Brownlow explains and demonstrates the rapid progression of film techniques during the silent era, from films lasting a minute, showing one shot, to massive epics with stunning photography and editing.

All film clips will be 35mm, starting with a one-minute newsreel film of 1900, graduating through to the first attempts at story-telling and climaxes.

Among the footage we will show will be a remarkably inventive drama made in the first studio in Hollywood, 1913, an extract from an exquisitely tinted fairy-tale from 1918, a spectacular American historical film and its equivalent from France, both produced to the highest standards, and a thrilling drama from 1926 that we guarantee will leave you breathless.

The piano accompanist for the evening will be Stephen Horne.

This event is expected to end around 22.00.

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