The Cinema Museum, London

The Cinema Museum Receives Happy Museum Award

July 2011 · News

The Cinema Museum is delighted to have been granted a Happy Museum Award for our Community Curators project, one of six such awards made to museums and galleries nationally as part of a groundbreaking programme to see how museums can create new civic spaces to help society transition to a high well-being, more sustainable world.

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the six commissioned works have been inspired by principles set out in a paper, ‘The Happy Museum – a Tale of How it Turned Out Alright’, co-written by the New Economics Foundation and leading museum commentators. Its concluding ‘manifesto for well-being’ argues that museums have innate qualities which can inspire a re-imagining of a society which values co-operation and stewardship of our surroundings as much as it does economic well-being.