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Co-produced Projects

September 2011 · Wellbeing

We would like to create replicable projects of social benefit. Our wellbeing business plan extends to helping and supporting our friends and partners who also aim to be part of the move towards wellbeing for everyone – we have a range of ways in which we can help you. One of those is a Co-produced Project. This project is designed to help us work with other organisations who might have a good wellbeing idea but who might not be able to deliver them on their own – for example they may need a venue or they may need a speaker or they may need to utilise our collection. Perhaps you want to create a project that helps children understand about how films are made and how they might be able to make a career in film, perhaps you have a project idea around creating script writing workshops for young people, maybe you are a vintage designer and would like to have a vintage fashion show with old movies and a vintage feel – we are open to any exciting projects. There are also times when funding is available but a partnership is required, in order to take advantage of that opportunity. We are very happy to allocate our premises, our volunteer time, our collection, our contacts and our expertise to the right project.

How it Works

  • Tell us about the idea that you have
  • We send you a Co-produced Projects Briefing with an instruction sheet that allows you to tell us what you want
  • If we think we can help then we invite you in for a meeting to talk things through
  • If we all agree to move forward then we will work with you to create a pilot project plan
  • The aim is to understand what can be replicated so the pilot will be monitored throughout so that we can all understand what the opportunity is for replication


If you are interested in this wellbeing support offering please contact with the following information:

  • Confirmation that your organisation is a charity or is working on the wellbeing agenda in Lambeth or Southwark

If we think we can help we will ask you to complete a request form which we will study and give you an answer to within 7 days (providing we have no additional questions). Please note there may be some conditions applied. The next step would then be an invitation for a tour and a meeting to discuss possibilities.