The Cinema Museum, London

Research in the Archive

October 2010 · Overview

The Cinema Museum welcomes many academics, journalists, historians and archivists, for research both independent and under the umbrella of academic institutes, and for collaborative projects.

In its film restoration partnerships (see Films) and otherwise, the Cinema Museum has worked with archivists both at home and abroad, including at the BFI National Archive, and has had a close relationship with the East Anglian Film Archive at the University of East Anglia – former lecturer David Cleveland has used the Cinema Museum collection as a basis for his own research, and also as a teaching resource for his students on the UEA Masters course in film and television archiving. Also historian and Museum Trustee Tony Fletcher’s studies on early British films have been presented as papers at the annual conferences of Domitor, the international society for the study of early cinema: “Talking to the Pictures: Britain, 1913” was read at the 1998 conference on the theme “Sound in Early Cinema” in Washington DC, and “Sundays and Holy Days” at the Utrecht conference in 2004.

Additionally, throughout 2010 historian David Trigg has been researching the history of cinema uniforms in the Cinema Museum’s periodicals collection.