The Cinema Museum, London

Granada Studio Tour

January 2010 · History

From September 1995, through to 1998, we contributed to an exhibition at the Granada Studio Tour, Manchester. Everything except the Ritz Workington paybox seen here and a couple of other items was from our collection. The paybox was later bought and presented to the Museum on loan.

Part of the exhibition was the re-creation of a projection room:

Composite image of a recreation of a projection room

This composite photograph shows the slide lantern, two projectors, observation window fire shutters, rectifiers, amplifier, non-sync and spares cabinet, record cabinet, switchboard and dimmers (the latter just out of sight on the right), internal telephone, asbestos fire blanket and fire buckets with sand and water (behind the projectors). Through the doorway is a replica projectionists' rest room, and rewind room with period transit cases, cans, spools cabinets, splicers, programme sheets etc.