The Cinema Museum, London

Kennington Talkies Presents Midnight Mary (1933)

Sun 25 Jun 2017 @ 14:30 · Events

Midnight MaryMidnight Mary is a 1933 American Pre-Code film directed by William A. Wellman that reveals in flashbacks the hard life of a woman on trial for murder.

Penniless and with a checkered past, Mary (Loretta Young) falls in with the crooked Leo (Ricardo Cortez), who uses the unwitting young woman as a pawn in his crimes. Lovestruck lawyer Tom (Franchot Tone) helps Mary go straight, but a jealous Leo comes after the attorney in a murderous rage. Mary, in order to save Tom, is forced to gun down Leo. She is then put on trial, but, afraid of mixing Tom up in the sordid case, she refuses to mention his involvement, which could seal her fate.

Doors open at 14.30, for a 15.00 start.

Refreshments will be available in our licensed cafe/bar.


Tickets £6.

Advance tickets may be purchased from Billetto, or direct from the Museum by calling 020 7840 2200 in office hours.
Midnight Mary